Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Another Day of Waiting

You would think we were trying to move King Tut. Once again, we sat and waited to get the word. The powers that be are talking and they say it will happen tomorrow. I will believe it when I see it. One more night at the Ritz and then we go to the work house. It is better for the rehab but not as plush, they warn us. Guess they don't want us to get use to it. Once Joe is off the vent, he should be able to move to Kaiser Vallejo. Again, we are learning patience. Thanks for all your comments. I will pass them along. Love Sandy & Joe


  1. Hey Joe and Sandy!
    Looking forward to visiting you soon! We love you guys! Everyone here at Left Coast sends the love and get well wishes!!!
    Renee G.

  2. Hi Joe and Sandy,
    Now I am trying to visualize Joe with that King Tut headdress on and it's kind of working for me.
    I hope King Joe has a fine ride in a chariot to his new digs. Tho they may not be as golden or fit for a ruler such as he, there he will do his work.

    Best of luck and we are thinking of you both always!

    mb & muzzy