Thursday, May 6, 2010

May 6 update

The past week and a half have been uneventful in terms of new adventures. Sandy and I have been going to physical therapy four and you will soon picture will stop listening that's not the computer Dido are times a week. The PT has been progressing well. Each day I see a little bit of improvement. The next big event for us will occur next Saturday when we go to see the Pac-10 track and field championships in Berkeley. The competition should be fierce amongst the different schools. I am enclosing a photo of a longtime friend named Leon who came to visit me last weekend. Leon lived in New Zealand for the past nine years and has recently returned to the United States. Thanks for reading. Joe


  1. Hi Joe,

    Glad that you are posting your own commentary now. My Hungary movie is coming along okay. I just showed it to a Documentary Film Story Consultant for evaluation. It' great that you are going to the PAC 10 Track & Field Championships. Just wanted to let you know that my husband Bob Migdal will be there in the stands and I hope that you guys can see each other there.

    Lynn & Bob

  2. Hiya Yussel & greetings again from downtown Jenkintown. Based on what I read on your blog, you are getting around quite well now & taking in lots of sporting events. I bet you vividly recall our meeting at Franklin Field, eating hoagies & watching the Penn Relays until the late afternoon above the pole vault pit. I watched PSU get whooped by Stanford in men's V Ball last week. Such is life, huh?

    I recognized Leon in oyur pic so please let him know I ocassionally see his brother Harvey & vividly can see his dad, Dave, bothe behind the counter making grape sodas w water as well as selling pimple balls at Beeber JHS during recess.

    Keep up the good work & let Sandy know she's irreplacable. Have another good weekend bro.

    Gene "Rkt" Levin

  3. Spring has sprung here so beautifully, Joe. The azaleas are past but the rhododendrons are beautiful. I have mountain laurel, Kousa dogwood, roses,cranesbill in bloom. The hydrangeas are coming soon. Rode from West Philly to West Conshocken today via Merion and then came back via the Valley Forge Bike Path. Seventy five degrees and sunny. Nice day. Nice ride. Thanks for your updates. It is time for another! Love, Nan