Monday, April 26, 2010

Day at the races

Yesterday Sandy and I attended a bike race in Livermore. The weather was great the racing was fast and most of all we met some old friends. All of them were happy to see me and made me feel right at home. It was great reconnecting with all of them. This was my first social outing in over a year. I was very nervous about how people would react to seeing me in a wheelchair. When Sandy and I came home we topped off the day with a nice dinner and my first bottle of beer since my accident. My next adventure will be to attend a track and field competition in mid-May. There I will also reunite with some old friends who I coached at the University of Arizona. Take care. Thanks for reading.


  1. Way to go, Joe! Congratulations and thanks for writing. It is good to see your words on the screen. Love to you and Sandy.

    Scott and I are off to the Eastern Shore of Maryland biking next weekend. Please hope for the rain to stop for us!

  2. Hi Joe Hi Sandy!
    It must have been great to be out with your gang. I know that so many people have missed you on the scene.

    We have been up in Vancouver for a little family reunion and my aunt's 85th. She's the last of that generation...the Queen Bee! I am off to Las Vegas for work next week. It's been a busy time.
    Cheers to you both!!!

  3. So great to see/her your own words, another milestone of many to come. You deserve that beer- in fact a keg!

  4. darn!

    i read about your visit to wente after the fact or i would have looked for you so jeff and i could have said hi!

    catch you at the next one!

    Soni poulsen