Thursday, February 18, 2010

Surgery scheduled for Feb 26th.

Joe just got a call from the hospital and they are moving his surgery up to next Friday, the 26th for his baclofen pump. Surgery is in Redwood City and then he goes to Vallejo for a week to get the pump adjusted. He is enjoying SCI in Pleasanton and works out 2 hrs twice a week. Leg presses, treadmill, resistance training, the whole ball of wax!! Will let you know how the surgery goes.


  1. Congratulations! Muzzy and I will be out of town from the 27th to the 7th but will look for updates. Best of luck with the surgery. I sounds like your therapy is going well and it must feel great to be working out. Darnit, you are making me feel like a total slacker!! Here I have a gym membership and now I'm realizing I actually have to go if I want to see any progress. Thank you for the inspiration!!!!

    Go Joe go!!! Go Sandy go!!!!

    xox mb

  2. Good that the date is set finally - what a long wait. Here's pulling for a successful easy time of it. Sending warm greetings from cold snowy Philadelphia, as always, love, Nan

  3. What MB didn't say was that "out-of-town" is a euphemism for "We're going to Hawaii". No slackin' goin' on over there! HAR! You betcha.

    See you soon. Let us know when we can come by and see your new scar.

    B. Wally

  4. Thinking about you today.

  5. Good luck today, Joe & Sandy.

    Erika and Linda