Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday, October 11:

Joe eating fruit
Joe and Luke
Hitting the road
We have had a busy two weeks as the enclosed pictures will show. We continue to visit Vallejo for PT every Monday and have an acupuncture appointment during the week. Both seem to be helping Joe with more movements. He can serve himself some fruit with the help of a hand brace and we continue to venture out with our van. We helped Luke celebrate his first birthday in Danville and even managed to take a walk over to Peet's for some coffee.
The one problem Joe is having is severe spasms. While they are good for toning the muscles, they are interfering with his rehab and also send his blood pressure through the roof, so we will visit a neurologist to see if Joe is a candidate for a baclofen pump which is suppose to be more effective. If we proceed with the pump, it will mean a few days in the hospital but it might be well worth it. Enjoy our pictures.


  1. Sandy & Joe, i'm tickled pink to see the new pics & to read about your adventures. it's great that you are getting out even tho some of the trips are for med'l reasons. if it's worth mentioning, i drop food all over my shirts & pants since hands & lips don't always cooperate all the time either. at least i'm under the imprssn you have a dog nearby who picks up after Joe. I don't so i drop on all fours & play pretend i am one as i lick the floor . . . NOT.

    i hope the baclofen pump works if you go thru w it so i again suggest you watch the video of a trial run i mentioned in my prior comments.

    also good to read the accupunture is yielding favorable results.

    you both hang in there & all the best for another good week.

    Love & xxxxxxx,

    Gene "Rkt" Levin

  2. Hi Joe and Sandy,
    So great to see the pictures. The van looks very nice and you must be enjoying that freedom to roam and...get to Peets!

    Muzzy said you were making great progress with your arm and I being able to get some snacks yourself is super duper! Maybe you need a Spork!
    It's a spoon/fork combo and it's the ultimate eating tool.

    I hope you can make an excursion some time soon down to Aquatic Park and see the B.O.R.P place. I went by the other day. Now that you are more mobile it might be a fun trip. I can run over from work and meet you there.

    Muzzy and Narda I believe are planning to visit this Thursday. I am hunkered down at work in our busiest period...right through til mid December. It's feast or famine!!

    I love the pics. You look great. Thank you for posting them.

    mb, Olive and Scooter

  3. I can't tell from the picture if that's a Picante Super Burrito or the chicken dinner plate. Anyway, bon appetit.

    We had a pizza slice in Philly. And a cannoli. Yummm!

    Go Phillies!

    B. Wally

  4. SOooo enjoyed seeing the pictures!! Joe- you are looking good-love seeing that smile and your new wheels/ A very belated Happy Birthday.

  5. Sandy & Joe,

    What progress, if any, has occurred w the baclofen pump? I am very curious & eager to learn how you respond to it.

    I am expermnting w electric stim to my lower back muscles, the erector grp, to help improve both my sitting & walking posture. So far the results have been favorable so we shall see.

    Hope you are improving each & every day even tho it may be difficult to measure.

    Gene "Rocket" Levin