Sunday, October 25, 2009

2nd Sunday Undate

Greetings: Not too much new to report. Joe continues to make small steps of progress. We made a trip to the neurologist and they determined he might be helped with the baclofen pump but they have to test him as to the effectiveness of the medication. THEN, maybe within two months, they can install the pump which will help with his spasms. This would be done in the hospital, so will keep you posted. We continue PT in Vallejo and acupuncture weekly which helps the arthritic shoulders and Joe's recovery.
He enjoyed watching the World Track Cycling competition in Australia and his buddy, Larry Nolan, won several gold medals. The first he dedicated to Joe which was a thrill for him. We attended the competition last year. He also had a great phone visit with many of his Westchester friends during their 45 yr college reunion at Westchester, PA. several weeks ago. That is it for now. Joe and Sandy

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  1. Sorry to learn you missed your 45th WCSTC reunioin but i was happy to read you spoke w sev'l classmates. Ours was last year & we/I had lots of fun at our Friday night relaxed get togthr & Saturday dinner. This means you'll just havta be at your 50th.

    My 50th Brook reunion was this past June & that was memorable. I coerced Ralph Heyward to come in from Seattle & Jimmie Reese, another BBall team starter & classmate, was also there.

    I don't recall if I told you I'm experimenting w elec stim on my lower back. Results thus far have been favorable & I'm quite pleased. Has this been discussed at all w any on your team? If not, I wld urge you to mention it.

    Carol returns in a few hours from FL for an unveiling this weekend but will rtrn next week. I'll go down on the 11th for about 8 days or so.

    Keep the faith & let me know about the elec stim, OK?

    Gene "Rkt" Levin