Monday, August 17, 2009

Joe supporting himself with Liza in the background.

STEADY PROGRESS. Time trialing was never like this!! Joe was able to sit up for 15 minutes.


  1. This is so awesome. The delight on Joe's face warmed my heart. Congratulations, Joe!

    Sandy, how I would love to have shared your first bike ride. And your second. And third. I am glad you got out and wonder where you went. You and I talked about that. All the best, Nan

  2. I told you those fast twitch muscles would come in handy for other things than sprinting...

    B. Wally

  3. Sandy & Yussel,

    You are both doing great & you guys deserve more credit than you can imagine. Aren't handicapped showers a wonderful invention? I'm delighted to read about the slow but steady progress taking place so just go w the flow, ya hear?

    Love from Carol & Rkt,

    Rkt Levin

  4. Joe and Sandy,
    What a glorious sight.
    Linda and Phil

  5. Joe and Sandy:

    It was such a joy to see you both 2 weekends ago. Sitting for 15 minutes IS like time trialing. Soon the 15 becomes 20, then 25, and off you go. Egan and I would love to come see you soon. Maybe the weekend after this one? We'll send you an email.

  6. Hi Joe and Sandy,
    Joe's face in that pic is the one I know. Delight and concentration. Go Joe Go!!!

    I'm glad you guys are settling in and improvements are steady.

    I'm back from a 3 day trip with a friend down the coast to Cayucas. I took Olive with me and she had a blast. We rode beach cruiser bikes 9 miles on the beach slowly so Olive could get a work out. We are getting ready for a backpack trip with Hal and Meredith the first week of Sept. and the pooches are training with their packs. We are all looking forward to it.

    Joe, so nice to hear your voice on our msg machine. I'm at work but I think Muzzy is coming to visit you today. Hopefully he will bring a big hug from me for both of you.

    We will bore you with all our photos of Dresden and then our backpack trip. It could take hours!
    That's how it is with these digital cameras. I promise to edit before we show you anything.


  7. Ironman Joe and Wonderwoman Sandy

    Hey. Dibbs on boring everyond w/pictures from HAWAII!!!. No shots of hiking trails, or those things bears can't get into.
    I've got; Babes in pieces of string. Sunsets w/palm trees. And papayas. [An excellant way to start the day].

    And there are lots of people running, biking, and swimming getting ready for the Ironman, which goes right by this place. [You can just taste the anxiety].

    B. Wally

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