Monday, August 24, 2009

August 24.

We had a pretty good week and Joe had his first experience with acupuncture. We are hoping this will help with the regeneration of the nerves and with his shoulder pain. Joe continues to work hard on his PT and Liza is able to move him from his chair to the bed using a sliding board which is much nicer than a Hoyer lift. The power chair should be coming in the next couple of weeks which will be a blessing and then the van. Joe has also learned to use Skype for phone calls and can partially operate his computer with voice activation which makes him more independent. Now if we could just get him to operate the TV that way, we would be set.
He enjoyed following the Master's National and the fact that Larry and others won some metals. He enjoys all your phone calls, visits and goodies, so thank you. Until next week. Love, Sandy & Joe

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  1. Hiya Sandy & Joe, so glad to read about your continung progress w so much happening & lots to look frwrd to.

    It was a great weekend for sports on TV from my perspective w so much going on. A javelin thrower at the meet in Berlin won w a toss of 293' & i am stunned that any human can toss that spear that far. My best, if my mmry is right, was about 204' . . . once. The men shotputters are awesome alng w sev'l of the men's & women's relays who ran away w medals. Bolt from Jamaica did OK too. Then the Phillies beat the Mets w a 1 - man Triple Play to end the game in the 9th inning.

    Joe, I was so busy channel surfing this past weekend I may have pulled a tendon in my thumb. Not going to the ER yet but I may have to if it isn't better by tomrrw.

    Keep your spirits up, both of you, & may the Force continue to be present.

    Love & xxxxxxxxxx,

    Gene "Rkt" Levin