Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday, Jun 12: We PASSED with flying colors

Joe's first bite of food. Yum! Mashed potatoes!!
Joe working with Ramona and Andrew. Talk about attention. He was in his glory
Two of Team Joe  fans, Jan and Marion congratulating Joe on his progress. I think he has too many women in his life right now. HA!

Joe had a swallowing test today to make sure food will go into the stomach and not the lungs. A month ago, he failed this test and had to do various tongue exercises. Today he passed with flying colors, all levels of food from thick to thin. So after 2 1/2 months of no food, he had his first meal of green beans, mashed potatoes and some mystery ground meat with mushrooms all washed down with cranberry -apple juice. What a thrill. We also learned it is a possibility that Joe could go to a skilled nursing facility to help him regain his strength as an intermediate step to coming home. That has taken a huge load off my shoulders. Nothing is decided yet but at least I have some options and time.  He is expecting several visitors on Sunday and we hope to bring Shasta over for their first visit since the accident. It will be a busy weekend. Love you all, Sandy & Joe


  1. okay visitors--bring in some yummy food!

  2. hi joe and sandy
    I just woke up and checked in with the blog and holy mackerel!!! Finally some pictures that take the place of a thousand words. What great photos and wonderful news.
    I will be leaving for Thailand an Indonesia on Wed so expect news from the other side of the world. I finally wrapped up the school year yessssss, what a year. I had some of the nicest children this year and they all are good readers!

  3. Yeah, food glorious food... now Joe needs the name of a good takout/delivery place. And Sandy- so pleased that you are are finding the resources that will help you and Joe as you move through this process. We are trying to get "approved" by the Italian Greyhound Rescue people which is quite discriminating. They won't even let us see one of the available dogs before they do a home visit.

  4. Hi Joe and Sandy,
    Chow down!! Joe you must be thrilled to finally sink your teeth into some real food. One of life's great pleasures that you can once again enjoy.

    Muzzy and I are off to Atherton again this morning and will likely be there tomorrow. I've missed some weekend rides but stuff has to get done and the end is in sight.

    Maybe we can start sneaking in some good food. The Berkeley Bowl just opened a new store pretty close to my office. Hmmmmm gotta think about this!

    Cheers and have a great weekend,

  5. Wow - REAL FOOD! What a great pleasure that must be. Love seeing the pics and the great progress - your smile with the Team Joe fans says it all. We're all Team Joe fans cheering for your progress.
    Have a wonderful weekend of REAL FOOD and visitors.
    Love, Shelagh and Bob

  6. Great news!! Day by day, bit by bit and now bite by bite.

    Love the anxious to get the hats for Mel and me. Will send a mug shot when we are "hatted". I follow the blog...every day to see the home improvements..or rather the improvements toward home.

    I have been trying to landscape under eucalyptus this week so home improvements have been my preoccupation lately. The A's could use a little home improvement too.

    So happy for this latest update. Chow! Ciao!

    Love, Yudel