Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wednesday, May 27: Marking Time at the Spa

We are patiently awaiting the cardiac teams' time frame for installing the pacemaker. It may be tomorrow but then again, it may not. Joe continues to make improvements. He was off supplemental O2  and was breathing "room air" for most of the day.  He now has movement in his shoulders as well  as his elbows and also small incremental improvements in his feet and legs. 

He received a manicure today as he was doing his shoulder exercises. Because he is not using his hands, the skin does "funny" things so he was washed, oil, clipped and pampered in style. He would love a hair cut but then would have to give up the title of "the silver fox". Perhaps that will be one of his first excursions in Vallejo, that and a bath. But, perhaps I get too personal here, HA!

Stay tuned for our next move. Love Sandy & Joe

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  1. Hi Joe and Sandy,

    I seem to have fallen a day behind, somehow--responding to Sandy's message from the day before. Oh, well. It's not such a big deal--I'm just trying to remain oriented.

    So, I am writing on Thurs. evening. I hope you enjoyed your manicure, Joe. I don't think Jim has ever had a 'real' manicure but having his hands massaged is his idea of poor man's heaven--I know he's jealous that you were getting the spa treatment.

    Not to worry, the only way you would have to give up your Silver Fox title is if they buzz that magnificent mane of yours (Jim's jealous of that, too) completely off.

    TODAY: A little more rain, time spent loading the minivan (aka bikemobile) with baby shower gifts that Meg was unable to take back to Durango with her on the plane, no bike ride for Jim (wind and rain), cleaning the garage, laundry---life at the Murdocks' is so exciting!

    Megan saw her Dr. today and was told she's ready---she just need contractions. How do you make those materialize, I wonder?

    Hope your ticker gets paced here before long.

    Thanks, Sandy, for your faithful reporting--much appreciated.

    Big hugs,