Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tuesday, May 26

Joe continues to improve. He was off all O2 for 8 hours last night and as he put it "breathing room air". He is still using O2 during the day but at lower and lower volumes. He spent 32 minutes on the bike today demanding to better his time from Friday. I should explain that Joe is not sitting on a bike but is rolled up to the pedals in his wheel chair and then attached to the pedals. Some times they assist him with a motor and sometimes he uses his own power.  He will need a permanent pacemaker as the delivery system  to rise the heart rate are compromised from the accident.  This will be installed before he goes to Vallejo and  requires several doctors to get on the same page, etc. so I am thinking he may move by the end of the week. I will definitely post all the information when it happens. 

I continue to be amazed by Joe's attitude and his connection to all that work with him. He is genuinely interested in all the nurses and doctors remembering all their names, asking about their families, where they are from, etc. He says after a particularly difficult patient, the nurses come to see him for a breather and to enjoy his positive energy. They will surely miss him when he moves on.  I wish we had more time to make phone calls but he is so busy it is hard to fit them in before I leave for home at 3 pm.  We think of all of you all the time. Love Sandy & Joe

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  1. Hi Joe and Sandy,

    Sandy, you seem surprised that Joe knows the names of all the nurses/medical crew and is interested in the details of their lives. I only know Joe from the velodrome, once a year at Nats (wherever that happens to be)and he's the very same there--which leads me to believe that it is just his caring nature and he is the same no matter where he is, whether it's with nurses, doctors, cyclists or faux coaches like myself (my infield pass always reads 'coach' but I'm a pretender). Although I'm certain Joe doesn't schmooze with an ulterior motive, his interest in his caregivers will serve him well because it is so easy to give extra attention to the dream patients of the world.

    Jim didn't get on the bike today (Wednesday) and roto-tilled the flower garden instead. We aren't skilled gardeners but we have a big bed of perennial wildflowers. For several years we have been able to tame them but not this year. I don't know what happened but this spring they ran amok, like they were on steroids--huge and crowded and it happened SO FAST. So, we're starting from scratch again. I'll bet we get some pretty color. We sowed several colors of Colorado Columbine this time.

    The baby is still stubbornly maintaining her residence in the womb. C'mon, already, little baby! We are more than ready to meet you.

    Ta ta for now,
    Glenna (Jim, too)