Friday, May 1, 2009

We Made the Move

Well, we finally made the move to Valley Medical Center of Santa Clara. Joe is still in ICU but in a specialized area to wean him off the trach and work with PT.  Visiting hrs during the week are from 5-8pm.  Sat and Sun are a little more flexible but best after noon. I am not able to coordinate people, so please realize only 2 people at a time and he is still not speaking unless we go through a special process which is time consuming. A quick 5-10 minute visit is best until he gets stronger and able to speak better.  I would not make a special trip from Berkeley to SJ for such a short visit, but if you are in the area, a quick hello on Sunday would be OK.  Just remember if too many show up at one time, you will have to wait. The main focus of their treatment will be to increase his lung capacity and enable him to talk.
He is on the 2nd fl of. the west wing in the RTC unit, room 19. Thank you again for all your well wishes and support. Love Sandy & Joe


  1. Hooray! Wonderful. We won't be coming to visit but we sure wish we could!

    I am off Saturday to the Big Apple to meet my sister who lives in upstate NY. We have tickets for South Pacific at Lincoln Center. Bali Hai is calling. I will sing along for you, Joe.

    Love, Nan

  2. Joe- I'm so glad you are finally at VMC where the specialists will be 'training' you.I'll come and visit when they get the trach out.


  3. Hey Joe and Sandy

    I have been practicing on a 12 string, working up a whole bunch of songs for you. I will get down there as soon as I can, maybe in late June or early July, all depends on my own healing path, but rest assured, I will be there for you buddy...eventusally you and I will do the soft shoe with top hats and canes, whattya say?

    Jeff P

  4. Hey Joe
    This is very good news. May try to come this weekend even if it to stand in line to see YOU

  5. Hey Joe,
    Its Jenny from the Jose, Jenny, and Baloo Mallabos. I just ran into Mary Beth walking Poppy and Shasta and she told me you were in the hospital. My thoughts are with you!
    Jose is in Philly at the baseball game. I'll speak to him tonite and make absolutely sure that he has a cheesesteak for you. Sandy, thank you so much for the blog. Take care and we'll see you soon.