Friday, May 1, 2009

Visiting Hours @ Valley Medical Center

Here are the visiting hours as posted on their website. If there are any changes, I will post them this evening.   

Visiting Hours are: Sunday 10:30am-8pm, Monday- 

Thursday 12-1pm & 5-8pm, Friday 12-1pm & 4-8pm, 

Saturday 12-8pm 

• The limit is two visitors in the room at a time  


  1. Hi Joe and Sandy,

    Jim and I read here every day. Isn't the Internet great? We are grateful to get daily updates without having to call and bother anyone. Thanks, Sandy!

    Jim is out on the bike most days. Our Colorado weather is crazy--summer one day, winter the next. But, if there's no snow he goes. He has trouble mustering the motivation for intervals so, to prove to himself that he's not a total wimp and can, indeed, put up with pain, he rides about 10 miles out of town to a place where a very steep, curvy road goes 3 miles up to a reservoir. One of his engineer-cyclist friends calculated the grade to be 11 or 12%. Jim rides half-way up 3 times and 1/3 of the way twice. He has been doing this twice a week and wants to extend it to 3 but life (and weather) keep getting in the way. He says giving that kind of effort is good mental preparation for enduring kilo-like pain (although, at his age, the kilo is a thing of the past). His legs are pretty wasted after all that but he still manages to ride the 10 mi. back home. I admit I stick by the phone in case I get the sag wagon call. :) So far, so good.

    Our very best wishes to the 2 of you in all regards. One good thing about being a cyclist is that (per my description of Jim) there is a good work ethic in place for pushing oneself physically, so I know Joe will be the world champion re-hab patient. Wish we could see you---maybe a California field trip is in order.

    Great love to both of you,

  2. Dale and RoswithaMay 1, 2009 at 1:44 PM

    Hi Joe and Sandy,
    we are so happy to know that today is "moving day" and hope that you are settled in by now. Before too long, you will be up in Vallejo. We send you our love and all good wishes,
    Dale and Roswitha