Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wednesday, April 22. Time in the chair

Joe came through his eye surgery well although he will be glad to get the patch removed so he has two eyes to work with.  Today he spent 45 minutes in his chair which was great.  He also had a visit from  his friend Jeff Pallin who brought his guitar and sang for us. It was very nice and Joe enjoyed it a lot. He is still fighting his pneumonia but his breathing is getting stronger. He would like a cold beer so hopefully they can test his swallowing reflex and get him some real food before too long.  We are hoping the move to Oakland Kaiser will happen within the next week. Again, patience is the word. This is certainly teaching us to "be in the moment". Thank you all. Love Sandy & Joe


  1. Hey Joe and Sandy,
    I'm boiling the chicken. Looking forward to the day.

  2. Thinking of you both. And will join you for that beer.

    You're lucky I haven't brought my accordion to play and sing. That would be shock therapy.

    Glad to hear the good news...bit by bit. Yudel

  3. Dear Joe and Sandy,

    We are looking forward to enjoying a beer on the patio with you both (Shasta too)!


    MB and Dale

  4. Hi Joe,
    Cool pic of you posted on the blog! I'm glad you are up and sitting for a bit and you have a hankering for a beer. All very good. You aren't a pirate kind of guy so I hope you get that patch off soon.
    Olive and Scooter send their love and me too.
    mb (the other one...)