Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tuesday. April 21 Today the Chair, Tomorrow the Road

The PT team was at it again today and had Joe sitting in a wheel chair. I asked him if it was hard and he said "Not for me" and looked at the three strong women who got him there.  Remember, behind every man is a strong woman, in Joe's case, make it three strong women. That pretty much tuckered him out for the afternoon and now they are repairing his orbital socket to help with his double vision. I trust that will be a non event.  Thank you again for all your cards and email.  There was an article in the NYT today about the importance of friends in your life and you are all a testament to that. We feel very supported by all of you.   Joe and Sandy


  1. > in Joe's case, make it three strong women.

    uh, actually, make that four.

  2. Yes, I agree with Kenny. What an asset you are! I'm so thrilled things are moving forward!
    Joe's such a hard worker on his training- I am sure he will work as hard and as comitted on his PT. If he doesn't, get Harv to set him straight!
    Bless you both!

  3. Good news. We hope you will be headed toward Oakland soon, Joe.

  4. NYTimes.com article:
    if someone wants the entire text, let me know. but it's a free subscription.

  5. Joe, I know it's not like you to goof around instead of train but I hope you will be poppin' wheelies and doing donuts in the hallway soon.

    I am thinking about you both all the time.
    Allez Joe! Allez Sandy!

    Hello from Olive & Scooter too.

  6. Hi Joe, great to see you up and about!
    Hope to see you soon.

  7. when you can take the wheelchair out in the hall, we'll bring a bell and you can go for cookie primes!

    Thinking of you........a lot!
    xo - Jen and Marc