Thursday, April 23, 2009

We Are Taking our Toys and Going Home

This has been interesting but we are ready to take our toys and  go home now. No such luck. Joe's day was occupied by getting into and sitting in his chair. That seems to take the full morning or afternoon and then we spend the rest of the time recovering. The pneumonia is still a problem but we are working on it. He was able to have a few popsicle ice shavings, orange and grape, for a change. Guess we could try frozen beer next time. Looks like we are in San Jose for a while longer where he is receiving excellent care.  Again, thank you all for your support and love. Sandy & Joe


  1. try sneaking in some frozen beer chips. tell the nurses that it's some kind of recovery drink. flavor, carbs, some nutrients. they'll never notice.

  2. Glad to hear the surgery went well. Now kick pneumonia in the butt!