Friday, April 24, 2009

"Let Me Sleep" and other words of wisdom

Today Joe was able to speak a few words  with some technical adjustments to him trak. His first words were "Let me sleep through the night". The nurses are so concerned that he know what they are doing that they wake up him to tell him they are sticking him. He said just do your thing and let me sleep. I can't feel it anyway.  
The neurosurgeon also came by and there is small movements in his toes and arms. Rehab, rehab and more rehab are the words from the surgeon.  Joe is ready but he has to get his sleep so he has more energy. It was great to see him feisty and to let them know what he wants and needs.

He may get moved up to Oakland on Monday if things stay stable over the weekend. Stay tuned. According to Joe, he would like to hold off on most visitors until then and also because he is so tired, he would like to sleep and conserve his strength. We are thankful for these small improvements.  Your prayers and positive energies are working. Keep them coming. Love Sandy & Joe


  1. I sure hope when I do get to visit they will allow me to bring Joe a beer!

  2. Joe,

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you and Sandy. Hang tough and all will be fine. We will be following the blog.

    Don and Tracey

  3. Looking forward to having both of you in Oakland. Yudel

  4. Joe- you'll appreciate this story.My mom was in the hospital recently and they woke her up to give her a sleeping pill.She was so annoyed and to make matters worse they turned the lights on right in her face.We are praying for you... an this time it's to get some uninteruppted sleep.
    Love ya,

  5. Crossing fingers that you'll get to go to Oakland Monday. And, get some sleep without interruptions!


  6. Looking forward to coming to visit - maybe Patty Torza and I can come and make trouble for you

    Thinking of you every day, Cynthia