Thursday, April 9, 2009

Shasta wants you all to know that we had a GOOD day today. Joe had his breathing tube removed and was talking with a husky, sexy voice. He has moved this toes a very little bit but this is very good. He had PT and breathing therapy today. He has a small fracture in his orbital socket which can be repaired easily on Saturday. Joe is going to have to get use to all this attention. We have had many, many prayers and wishes for his recovery. We are so moved by your love and concern. We will need it in the weeks ahead. It is good Joe loves training because that will be his job over the next year. Love Sandy & Shasta


  1. Dear Sandy and Joe,

    We are thrilled with the good news! Please give Joe a big kiss for us,
    Love, Mary-Beth, Dale and Poppy!

  2. Wonderful news and should we arrange for a pedicure for his hard working toes?

  3. Bermuda and we are thrilled that Joe wiggled his toes. Great news! Now everyone will sleep better tonight. Thanks, Sandy and Shasta.
    Love, Penny, Gene & Bermuda

  4. Wonderful news about the toe wiggling. I breathed a huge sigh of relief and hope its a sign of many more healing advances to come.

    Please let Joe know that I am thinking about him and sending him healing bella vibes.


  5. Sandy and Joe,

    Good voice and wiggly toes! Love the picture of you on this blog, Joe. That's the image I will carry with me every day as you work your way back. Lots of love and support for the weeks ahead.

  6. i think wiggling toes deserve a good foot massage!

  7. Oh Joe,

    We miss you here in Oakland. I am so happy to hear that you are doing better today. I can't wait to see you.


  8. What good news! More good days to follow I'm sure!

  9. Joe has a toe that wiggled and now our mounds of grey clouds have been lifted. We feel so gifted to know Joe with a toe that wiggled.

    Is Shasta the golden I knew way back when?

    Love ya,

  10. Hey Joe and Sandy,
    A squirrel came to our window today and took 3 walnuts right out of my hand. Later the little critter came right into our house and hopped up on the counter and took a walnut right out of the bowl. Ok, I've heard in many culture this is a good sign. Must be true because Joe is now wiggling his toes!! Ok, I don't really believe that stuff but I am celebrating these little victories anyway. I know I'll be celebrating more too.
    Joe, keep it up!!!!

  11. Hey, Joe...Bill told me about your accident and sent me the info to this blog. I called you earlier but no one answered, so this blog is the answer to solving that communication problem. MB is on top of all this. Thanks, MB! Joe: Keep us informed on your progress. You getting well is important to your friends.
    Take care,