Thursday, April 9, 2009

Mr Inspiration

Joe has ALWAYS been one to inspire others to greater things. When I finish talking with Joe, I always feel like I can "get to the next level" ....WELL NOW it is time for all of us to make sure that Joe knows that he will surely be our COMEBACK PLAYER OF THE YEAR. Joe please remember that the Class of 64 CANNOT have a reunion without you. Our prayers are constant and I will look for you at our annual July lunch in Concord, California.
God Bless.

Ed and Trudy Rush


  1. Dear Joe,

    I am very sorry to hear about your accident. It's good to hear of your progress and I will keep you and Sandy in prayer as we all look forward to more good news. Take care, brother, and hang in there!

    tony catudal

  2. Cheering you on

    Cheering you on

    Hi Joe,
    Everyday Zand, Jane, Eddy, Lizzy and I are cheering you on. We are focusing our energy for your recovery—to help you heal thru this new challenge in life.

    Your friend, Brian and family