Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday afternoon - All is quiet

Joe had a good day but they are continuing to clear his lungs. The main job for him now is to rest, rest, rest. There will be plenty of time for visits, stories and the showing of scars at a later date. Joe rolls his eyes when I tell him about all the scars he will have to show off. They still have to make a minor repair around his eye socket which might happen on Monday. He is very moved by all your good wishes and prayers. We hope for another quiet day tomorrow. I did tell him that Larry won his race on Friday. He was very happy and I will continue to share the happenings at the Sea Otter as I see you post them.  Sandy & Joe


  1. Misty, Brent and I are so very happy to hear that Joe continues to do well and Misty, in particular, understands the need for rest. We continue to hold only good thoughts for your recovery. Eve, Brent and Misty

  2. Keep up the good work Joe.I know it must be very uncomfortable to have them suction your lungs out,but anything to help you breath better and keep the pneumonia from getting worse.I hope you weren't too hot today.It was a scorcher.

    Thanks again Sandy for your updates.Talk soon and love you guys.