Sunday, April 19, 2009

Dear Joe

Last week when I picked up Wyatt from school I told him that I had a surprise.  He said "Joe's coming for dinner?"  I could imagine Big Bad Joe strolling down our walk to the kitchen door and hearing the T. Rex growl.  Wyatt running to the door to catch you in the act.  But as always the dinosaur is gone by the time he sees you.  We are looking forward to that day again.

This weekend our LUNA team hosted a clinic at the Sea Otter with Alison Dunlap.  It started out badly when Alison, who was staying with Colleen, arrived just in time to see Cole, Colleen's 5 year old fall and break his arm.  It was a fairly bad break involving both the bones in the arm and It took most of the night in the ER to find that out and get it set and cast.  The next day Colleen and I drove down to Monterey to get set up.  The morning of the clinic Alison was sick and had lost her voice.  Not what you want when you have 6 women who donated lots of money to the Breast Cancer Fund for a clinic with Alison.   But it all worked out.  Both our team mates Jackie and Colleen gave a great clinic and then there was a talk from the LUNA Mechanics and lunch and Q&A with all the Pro racers.  Then we all went to watch the Pro LUNA girls race the short track.    I missed the clinic as I was racing.  Second place.   I guess there will always be someone faster, richer, prettier, and smarter.  I can only do my best.

I saw so many people there who all wish you the best.  None more than us. Love,  I,K, W

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  1. We love this! Sandy & Joe PS Give Wyatt a big hug