Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sandy's update from Tuesday, April 7th

Below is a note Sandy dictated to me on Tuesday, April 7th.

As of now, we are hoping his breathing tube will come out tomorrow, but it is day to day. Joe's legs are still not moving, but both arms are moving somewhat. His spirits are good, I am reading your emails to Joe, please keep them coming. Joe's sister-in-law, Bonnie, is here from Seattle visiting with Joe and his brother will be coming to visit on Thursday. Joe will be in ICU for several more days; I will let you know when he is moved. Thank you all for your love and prayers, Sandy and Joe p.s. to Larry Nolan, you can use these emails to update the track folks if you wish.


  1. Dear Joe and Sandy,

    You are in our thoughts and prayers, day and night. Joe as you heal, we are here for you and Sandy, we love you both!
    Mary-Beth and Dale (and Poppy too!)

  2. Hi, Sandy and Joe. This is a first for me so let's hope I am successful!
    Jim and I are sending you our thoughts and prayers daily and I have the St. Bonaventure community praying for healing and a full recovery as well. I'm sure having your family there for support is a blessing as well. I hope every day brings progress and hope, Joe.
    Love, Carol

  3. Hi Joe!
    I'm glad you are sitting up and smiling and best of all, don't have that tube down your throat! You must know by now how many friends, cyclists, and the like are thinking about you and Sandy too.
    Don't forget your canine fans. Olive and Scooter have been slumping around since they heard about your crash but they both perked up ans wagged when I told em you were smiling today.
    Much much cheer,
    mb (novak dat is...)

  4. Sandy, please give Joe Dolores' and my best wishes for a speedy recovery. When I see him on the road again, I'll make a point of recognizing him before he says hi to me. Once again, we wish him a speedy recovery.


  5. Thanks for these updates, Sandy, and we're all wishing you and Joe the best!

    Much love,


  6. Hi Joe. Get well soon. I can't always depend on Saidy to give me GOOD advise about the market! Andrea, Christopher and I have been sending our love and best wishes ever since we heard. We know that your passion for life and your passion for the sport will pull you thru. We will be thinking of you constantly and are planning on visiting when we get back from British Columbia.
    Keep up the good fight,
    Steve, Andrea & Christopher