Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sandy asked me to post this article about Joe's win at the Colorado Velodrome at the 2002 USCF Masters National Championships. This is a great story about Joe's determination and enthusiasm!

The Scene: The 2002 USCF Masters National Championships.
The Place: Colorado Velodrome


  1. Love this story! So glad there are pics to accompany it.
    Keep your head up Joe & we'll see you soon!

    Patrick & Hanan

  2. Sometimes people ask me why I like riding bikes so much. I usually say because it's fun. From now on I will relay this story of your love for all that is cycling/racing when I'm asked why. What a beautiful story and what an amazing man you are Joe. Thank you so much for being a such a wonderful guiding light for what it means to be a true sportsman and thank you a million times over for your infectious enthusiasm. This world needs more folks like you!!!

  3. Joe has the most, [and the best], friends of anyone I know. If those facts count for anything then we can rest assure we will be yakking in a pace line with him real soon.

    Get well soon friend...

    Robert & Suzanne

  4. Hi Joe and Sandy,
    Glad that you are able to "talk" now and I just wanted to say thank you for turning me on to the online genealogy class. Thanks to your help I was able to find my great-grandfather on the Ellis Island ship manifest,Ignatz Schneider, who came from Budapest, Hungary in 1904 at age 51 with his son (my grandfather Julius Schneider)and some other relatives.

    Sandy, I hope you are hanging in there. I tried to email you, but don't know if you have access to email or not.

    Take care,

    Lynn & Bob

  5. The news that Joe is sitting up, smiling and breathing on his own, made our day!!! We know, Joe, that your amazing spirit and optimism will see you through this tough time. And ditto to you, Sandy! We are also happy to hear that Shasta is at doggy camp and that our critters don't have the concerns we do. Love, Penny & Gene

  6. Hi Sandy and Joe,
    I was so happy to hear the good news today. Joe, I miss seeing you on so many of my rides! My heart is with you.
    Love to you both, Alison

  7. I just heard from a reliable source that Joe's toes were wiggling - hooray! Will they let me bring a Zachary's pizza to the hospital for you? :)

  8. Joe, I hope all goes well with your recovery. Your story from Masters in COS is inspirational, and one if the reasons I enjoy masters racing as much as I do.
    Good luck.
    Mike G.
    (shot the blog pix)