Friday, August 6, 2010

Moving Forward

Good news. Life has settle into a good routine of gym workouts ( 3X week now) and dinner and outings with friends and family. We are going to move from posting on the blog to setting up an email folder for those of you still interested in Joe's improvements. If you would like to get updates from time to time and videos of Joe's progress, please send us your email address and we will enter you in the folder. That way you don't have to keep checking this blog to see if we are having fun. We are planning on going to the velodrome for first time to watch the Master's State Championships on Sunday. Maybe I will have some pictures. Thanks for all your encouragements. Sandy & Joe


  1. Hey, whatever is easiest for you guys to deal is fine w me, but who am I to sggst what you shld do w the blog. I assume Joe continues improving & that's great. I had Botox shots to my legs & it threw me off miserably. Hopefully, I'll only improve each day but it'll prbbly take at least 2 - 3 months until my spasticity rtrns. Whatever.

    Njoy your trip to the Velodrome & cheer everyone on to do their best.


    Gene "Rkt" Levin

  2. please add jeff and i to your email list

    while we don't comment often, we do check in from time to time to see your ongoing progress and would like to continue to know how you are doing!

    soni poulsen

    bandbpoo at hotmail dot com

  3. Pls sign me up @ I look fwd to the day I visit my son Adam in SF and stop over to see and take a walk with Joe.

  4. I would like to be on the list- thanks!

    Kelly B at

  5. Please add us to your list:

    Big thanks and great love,

  6. Hi Joe and Sandy,

    Forgot to mention that Jim had a successful Nationals in Frisco, TX. Gold in all 3 of his events: match sprints, 500 meter and team sprint. You know Jim....he can never come home without an injury. He was chasing a teammate who was on a bike (but not on the track---although they were at the Superdrome) and Jim was on foot. Too much acceleration (and no warming up, of course) and he pulled a hamstring. He returned home on Labor Day (I didn't go to Nats) with a big bruise on the front of his upper thigh. By Wed., the entire leg between the knee and hip, wrapped clear around to the back, was so dark purple it looked black. Has looked like that until this past Sat. On Fri. night someone suggested he get a tube of Traumeel and apply it to the dark area 3 x day. It's either working or the leg would've gotten better on it's own anyway but it looks much, much better---has faded significantly. He's had almost no pain with it but it sure is ugly.

    It makes me happy to read that you have become a regular social butterfly---out and about on trails and in restaurants! Woohoo!!


  7. Please keep me posted!


  8. Hi Sandy and Joe just checking in to let you know that we have been following Joe's progress and delighted that he is doing well. We would like to be kept updated on his continued progress. Our email is We love you guys and wish you both the best always. When I ride on Skyline Joe comes to mind often.
    kenrick & Robin