Monday, July 12, 2010

Joe's comments

The past 10 days have been quite eventful. I had a visit from two athletes that I coached and recruited at the University of Arizona. I hadn't seen Dwayne in 30 years so it was fun connecting with him again. Onto another topic. My training has been going quite well. I am making slow but steady progress. Last Thursday I had a positive development. My trainer picked me up from my chair and had me standing with assistance. I did this three times. It was amazing how good it felt when I put the full weight of my body on my legs. This is a good indication that there is nerve regeneration taking place. This week we will start going to training three days. I am looking forward to more progress. Yesterday Sandy and I went with friends for our monthly BAY Trail walk. They walked and I drove for about an hour. Then the group moved to our favorite Mexican restaurant for a nice dinner. Out here in California the weather has been cool unlike the weather back east where many of our friends live. Thanks for reading. Joe and Sandy


  1. Hey Joe,
    We had a blast out rolling with you. Your progress is amazing and it's good to see you out on the trail hangin' with the pack. Olive and Scooter are enjoying the hikes as well. I look forward to another adventure and...Picante of course!
    mb, muzzy, olive and scooter

  2. Joe, you must be very excited w your PT progress. I know I am so keep up the great work. We're leaving for ME tomorrow to see Paige, 37 & single, get her MFA in fiction.

    I had dinner w Dick Hauff a few weeks ago & it was lots of fun. He married Carol Wright whose husbnad had passed away sev'l yrs ago.

    You take care, big guy & all the best to you & Sandy,

    Gene "Rkt" Levin

  3. So nice to see these happy posts. Good work, Joe.

    Weather is surely bad here. Scott and I are camped out in the bedroom, the only room with ac in our house. We did a test ride this morning before it got too hot of a new tandem we are ordering. The one we ride all the time was bought in 1977 and the technology has improved to the point that we should have gotten a new one years ago. This new one will be 10 pounds lighter than our old bike - that will be a boon for what we hope will be several decades of more riding. Love to you and Sandy, Nan