Tuesday, June 15, 2010

June 15 update

Hello! This has been a very good week and a half. We had a great one hour walk down by the SF bay with our friends Mary Beth Novak and Bob Muzzy and their dogs. They walked and I drove. That was follow by dinner at Picante. Robert Wallace joined us. I had my best week ever at physical therapy and my trainers continue to encourage me. I love it!! We will try and attach a picture taken after dinner on Sunday. Thanks for reading. Joe


  1. Hi Joe,

    I've been woefully remiss of late in checking the blog so what a nice surprise to see your voice in print. I assume you're using the Dragon?? I think of you all the time and the treat of answering the occasional afternoon phone call to find you on the other end, calling to chat with Jim---but I had the power to decide when to relinquish the phone to him, so managed the pleasure of a chat with you for myself. After 2 seasons of not racing, Jim is back in training mode, planning on Nats in Sept. Rich Voss is coaching him. We've been wrapped up in our granddaughter, Flannery Rose, who just turned 1 y/o on June 2. We see her once a month, usually by driving 7.5 hrs to her home in Durango. But the July visit will be meeting her (and parents) at a campground near Moab, UT for 3 nights in a tent.

    So happy to hear you are making progress and that you are getting out and about for fun social occasions.

    Great love and big hugs,

  2. Joe,

    Great to read about your constant imprvmnts because that's what recovery is all about. By the inch it's a cinch, by the yard it's ahrd.

    I saw Ricky, Hazzard & Wali Jones a few weeks ago at a recent event near Mem'l Hall. It was just great seeing, hugging & speaking w these old teammates of mine from 1959. Walt lost a few lbs, was using a cane rather than wheelchair & his speech was better than when we last saw each other about 5 yrs ago.

    Ricky has been rather reclusive for sometime now so I was happy to see him. He also told me he speaks w you a few times a month & I was glad to learn he has kept in touch w you.

    Have a great holiday weekend coming & take care, big guy. Love to Sandy . . . ya hear?

    Gene "Rkt" Levin