Friday, March 12, 2010


Well, this is the limit. Now he gets botox. I am the one that needs it but I guess I will have to wait. His "peck" muscles are so tight, they prevent the raising of his arms to feed himself. Botox will help relax these muscles and allow his arms and elbows to lift higher. He now has a pacemaker, baclofen pump, new hip and now botox. What will be next.?? We will never get through an airport again. He will be coming home next Wednesday, St. Paddy's Day and then we will be back on schedule with hopefully more progress. At least he won't have any wrinkles in his chest.


  1. Joe-

    With proper lighting, and some action posses, we might be able to get you on the cover of muscle magazine. We may have to keep the Botox injections a secret. Wouldn't want anyone suspicious about juiced, er, enhanced pecs.

    And Sandy...I don't think anyone will miss a little botox here or there. But you don't need it anyway. [Maybe some Valium now and then].

    Let us know when it would be okay to visit.

    B. Waly

  2. Hey Sandy - I say, out of solidarity, we give it a shot!

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