Monday, March 8, 2010


Joe is getting up to 4 hours of therapy in Vallejo as they adjust his baclofen pump. The pump has taken away the spasms but also some of his strength and movement in his legs. This was very distressing to him but once he realized they could adjust the dosage and give him less of the drug, he was encouraged. It is an art to find the balance between less spasms and sufficient strength. He is scheduled to be discharged March 16 and is anxious to get home and move on with his workouts.


  1. Can you explain why the pump takes away strength. Why is it that the drug interferes with muscle strength? Perhaps I am not the only one with this question. Sending love, Nan

  2. Hi Sandy & Joe,
    We are back from our trip but have been following your progress. It sounds like fine tuning or "fineman tuning" is the watchword. I'm sure they will get the adjustments corrected. I'm glad the spasms are fewer! Keep up the work Joe!!


  3. Nan: The spasms sometimes trigger movement so all spasms are not bad but baclofen affects the nerves that trigger the movement. More Baclofen, less spasms but also less muscle action. That is the non scientific explanation. Thanks for asking. We just have to find the balance, less spasms and pain but still nerve messages coming through to the muscles.