Monday, January 11, 2010


While we had a rough holiday season with another infection and trip to the hospital, Joe is recovering well and we hope for the baclofen pump in Feb or March. Here are a couple of pictures from our PT session today. Enjoy. Sandy & Joe


  1. I like your smile.

    B. Wally

  2. Hi Sandy & Yussel, just returned ystrdy from chilly FL where we were over the holidays for about 2 weeks in PA to make sure the office & house are still standing. Thus far, they are.

    I rcntly stopped both of the 2 meds I was on, 1 specifically for spaz, but began Dantrium again while in FL. This is because my posture has apparently worsened causing me to lean forward more placing add'l weight on my massive arms. My shldr delts were in utter pain thruout the first sev'l nights I had great dffclty sleeping. The med helped a little as I also worked on trying to consciously improve my walking posture. However, this is no easy task as you can imagine/confirm.

    I hope to get back on my "tens" unit the next few days to see what add'l help this will be.

    You must be chomping at the bit to get the baclfn pump working for you since spaz can be/is a real pain.

    Have a good weekend & I ewagerly look frwrd to reading about your tsouris/progress w prgress preferred.


    Gene "Rkt" Levin