Friday, September 11, 2009

Out with the Old and in with the New

Just a quick update with more to follow. We managed to sell Joe's Honda van and have purchased a Toyota Sienna complete with power doors and ramp. It should be delivered next week so we will enclose some pictures of us having fun. This will also allow us to return to Vallejo for more intense PT, etc. YAH!!! Love Joe and Sandy


  1. Born to be wild!!

    So glad you have new wheels on the way and it will be easier to get places. Intensive PT here we come! I'm sure Joe is anxious to get in to more serious training.

    We got back from a backpacking trip with Hal and Meredith. Pete, Narda and Gaylord went out at the same time but they were in an area that didn't allow dogs so we were one ridge over in National Forest so the pooches could come. Scooter did great on his first trip. They both carried their kibble in backpacks and slept in the tent with us. They were very well behaved!

    Well, now it's back to the grind as our busiest season is coming up at work.

    Talk to you soon!!


    ps. We have been watching the Vuelta on Universal Sports. We don't have cable but we have become addicted to Universal Sports watching bike racing, track & field and canoeing. Thankfully, they seem to be done showing endless Beach Vollyball. Sorry, that is the most sexist throw back sport. I know the athletes are good but I can't help but think I'm watching mud wrestling. Ugh!

  2. hey, I have a Sienna. it's a CE (Cheapskate Edition), so no motorized doors. great car. it's dang useful, too.