Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Power Chair Fitting

Here is Joe getting fit for his power chair. Going down the hill took some getting used to. He is able to move his left hand enough to drive the chair and as he gets used to going over the bumps, he will relax and enjoy himself. Look for us and Shasta cruising the neighborhood.

I have had some luck in dealing with Kaiser and am hopeful quicker action will take place. We are back to PT in the home as the hospital PT was not appropriate. Once we get our van, we will have more options. Until next time. Sandy & Joe


  1. You must feel incredible having been outside in your chair & feeling the sun on your body & the soft breezes blowing. I feel so independent when on my scooter so i can just iamgine how it must feel for you. I'm sure it'll take some time to get used to it but when mastered, you'll be off to . . . .

    I'm proud of you dude, so keep improving even tho the steps may appear small at the mment. Easy does it, OK?

    Gene "Rkt" Levin

  2. hey, paint some flames on that chair and take pix.

    Joe, I'm glad to see you back at home. it's quite a bit of work, I guess, but I'm sure it's nice to be back in your own space.

    masters national track championships start in less than two weeks here in Colorado. we'll miss you dearly.

  3. wow that is really encouraging, Joe you look Great!

  4. Dear Joe and Sandy,
    Great picture of Joe in the power chair! Just be sure to stop for the 3-way stop and the 4-way stop when you travel down Snake Road hill.

    Glad to learn, too, that the remodeling is shaping up. In 1965, I went about three months without a shower, nothing compared to your time without one. But I still remember how great that first one felt and I know that you will feel completely revitalized when you have your opportunity.

    Our visit with Stephen terrific. We did spend two days at South Lake Tahoe in the middle of it - a little cooler up there than in Reno's 100 degree heat.

    Back in York now, trying to get ready for our new part-time life in the classroom. Should be a relatively easy transition.

    Mentioned to Cinnie and Joe Frith that there is a picture of Ed on the blog. Going to see if I can figure out how to get it to him. They will be back east next month.

    Think about both of you constantly and look forward to continued news of Joe's rehab progress.

    Stay strong.
    Linda and Phil

  5. Go Joe, GO!

    Dear Joe, Sandy and Shasta,

    Its great to see you are getting more power. We can all use that.

    Im museumed out, so I guess Ill have to shop.

    Im sending my love from Bogota!

    Carol and God

  6. Chair! Chair! Fabulous. Congratulations for your perseverence. I am so excited that you can drive the chair with you hand, Joe. That is huge news.

    That first shower is coming. Wahoo!