Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wednesday, June 17, IT'S OUT

Well, another good reason for a post today. Joe has his trach removed, so now all that has to happen is for the hole in his neck to close up.  This will take several days, so he is rolling around with a sign "Please cover my stoma is you want me to talk". Those of you who play Scrabble should spend time in a rehab unit. Your vocabulary would grow beyond your wildest dreams. We have a "team meeting" tomorrow so beware,  I may have all sorts of things to report.  Joe has also been learning various types of computer programs (dragon and others) which will allow him to operate a hands free computer.  That's it for now. Sandy & Joe


  1. Great news about the trach be gone. I had some experience seeing the Dragon program in action when I was working with clients of the Center for Independent Living and it is truly amazing and probably is that much better in its current iteration. Can't wait to see you when we get back from the East Coast.

  2. Hi Sandy and Joe,
    Really wonderful news about the trach removal. Dragon is put out by Nuance, which is a company started by one of Bob's ex-students, Hy Murveit (one of his first students to get a Ph.D under him in speech recognition). Hy sold the company about 3 years ago, works for Google now. Bob told me the new owners were going to put out Dragon! Always good to hear that his research is being put to good use - would love to see it in action. Love to hear about all the great moves forward and look forward to seeing you soon.
    Shelagh and Bob

  3. Hi Joe and Sandy,

    Great news about getting the trach out.Now I have to go look up what Dragon is all about so I can talk to you about it.Keep up the awesome work and thanks for posting pictures Sandy.Joe,your smile is sunshine!


  4. Joe and Sandy:

    Dragon has been around for quite a while for attorneys practicing without support staff who do not like to type. Many favorable reviews. It "learns" your speech characteristics as you read a prepared text. No personal experience, but the legal reviews report that a fast processor and big ram allow the program to work much better. Glad to hear about all the good progress you are making.

    Steve & Linda