Sunday, June 21, 2009

Saturday & Sunday visitors

Lynn, Scott, Bob and Shelagh visited on Saturday. Carol & Jim on Sunday

Joe enjoyed a very social weekend. Visiting with those you see  above and his friend, Ed Rush,who was able to visit late in the day on Sunday before flying back to the East Coast. Now we will get ready for another week of workouts and therapy. Onward to a stronger Joe. Hope you all have a good week. Love Sandy & Joe


  1. Joe, are you looking at cotton futures in that top pic? I see you looking at a laptop.

  2. Hi Joe & Sandy,
    Back from another day at the homestead, this time to enjoy the yard and to have a picnic with my brother before the new tenants move in. It's such a special place.

    Joe I love seeing the huge smile on your face in the pictures. I am smiling right back at you!!


  3. Scott had such a nice visit with you on Saturday and I am frustrated not to have been there. It was great to hear your voices. Instead of being with you, I was here in WET Pennsylvania - rain, rain and more rain. Joe, the Freedom Valley Tour was a soggy mess. Some people rode from the Art Museum to Valley Forge in the rain but not me - I bailed. I did ride later in the day when the sun managed to show its face for a short while. This is a record-wet June. See you in July! Love, Nan