Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday, May

The big news today was Joe's new bed. We really are at the Ritz for trauma therapy. His bed rolls him from side to side automatically so he does not get bed sores. He is also outfitted with lovely gloves which will keep his hands slim and trim and keep his joints flexible. The respiratory therapist said his lungs sound good and his ability to push out air is good. Monday should be a busy day with physical therapy and respiratory therapy. He is keeping up with the local races i.e. Cat's Hill and also the Tour of the Gila. I read Cycling News to him every morning along with your emails and comments. Makes for a busy hour of entertainment.  Love to you all. Sandy & Joe


  1. HI Joe
    Sounds like Monday will be break through day- I have been spending lots of time with Cynthia, a woman I met on JDate(Jewish dating service) though she isn't Jewish she told me the men on JDate were better quality, better than what? What initially attacked me to her was the fact she had run NYC Marathon but now was a biker doing 30-60miles on the weekends. No I haven't gone out and bought a bike yet though I am thinking of doing so-will wait for your recommendation. We have been spending a lot of time together and I have fallen wildly in love. Keep turned for more developments
    We plan on visiting you in weekend or twos
    keep up your good work!

  2. Whoohoo, sounds like this bed came straight from one of "those motels". Thrilled to hear that the breathing is getting more regular and expect Joe will be burning up the PT equipment as soon as he gets the opportunity. Can't wait to see you in your fancy new gloves. (Actually I could benefit from slimmer hands). eve

  3. I'm really jealous of the Ritz Carlton bed for trauma therapy, I'd like to have one of those at home!

    Hmmmmm, I wonder if I should look into a pair of those gloves for relaxing in after a long days work?

    I'm sure Joe you'll benefit from your goal orientated nature as you dive into the PT :-)

    Thinking of you both every day, sending love,

  4. Hey Joe:
    Sounds like you are now in a very special place. A place for serious progress. We know that you will approach this challenge like others in your life. With a strong sense of right and wrong and an off the chart work ethic. Sure like the chances of great results.
    Trudy and I are back in Bloomsburg and locking into round 2 of the NBA playoffs. There have been a few being the Chicago Bulls with their young talent taking the Celtics to 7 games in round 1. I will be back in California by mid June and plan to come to visit at that time. Of course I will be in Concord in July for Pac 10 training.
    Keep the focus....I know you will...many, many ,,many folks pulling for you.
    God Bless...Ed and Trudy

  5. Hi Joe and Sandy,
    You were both on my mind today at the GPC. I started with a friend at Campo and rode in moderate rain until the choice between the Bears and Crockett. At the intersection I was able to remove my 2 lb shoe covers and soaked rain pants. Freezing.
    Then uncharacteristically, I bailed. We then rode into more rain over the bears and back to campo. We were done
    at 50 mi but I had to do another 5 for my 55th birthday next week.
    There were some nasty way wet descents on the ride.
    I'm pulling for you.

  6. Hi Joe and Sandy,

    So glad you got a rest day after your big move. Your bed sounds like a winner. Bed sores can be hard to cure so to have a bed that relieves the pressure on your skin by regularly turning you is a wonderful thing. I'm an RN and back when I was working (in the dark ages) our patients were on Stryker frames and we'd flip them from top side up to bottom side up every couple hours--and they weren't cushy beds, that's for sure. I just love all these new-fangled advancements that do things for you. When I had surgery last year, my legs were put into wraps that were heated and automatically massaged my legs to prevent blood clots. Felt sooo good!

    This evening we took my 86 y/o mother to dinner in a little farm town 30 miles away. For years I drove past this place and never thought of going inside because it looked like a biker bar. When friends asked us to meet them there for dinner several yrs. ago, I was dubious, to say the least. Turns out they have great steaks, chicken friend steak, fish dishes, they make their own ice cream (lots of flavors)and my mother's favorite Rocky Mountain oysters. Go figure. In case you don't know, those oysters are bull gonads, sliced thin and deep fried. They are surprisingly good if you can just get past thinking about what you're eating.

    We think of you every day, praying for a complete recovery for you. We know it will take time.

    Our love,
    Glenna and Jim

  7. Hi Joe!

    I just read your entire blog and I am so glad to read about all of your progress. Please know that Jeff and I are sending all of our positive energy your way to help with your healing. I will check back soon to see how you are doing.

    Big Hugs!
    (Jeff Fillerup's wife)