Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday, May 4

We are still getting settled at the new facility and letting them run their tests. Joe got to sit on the side of the bed but they need to find a bigger wheel chair for him, big guy that he is. Another great development is the discovery that an old friend Dory S. (not sure of the last name) who was a fellow track rider and lost a leg when a car ran into their pace line, is working at VMC as a PT and has been to see Joe and will help with some of this PT. Dory has been down a rough rode and knows the ropes. Joe was delighted to see him. Again, it is all of our friends who will get us through  this event. Thanks again for all your support. Love Sandy & Joe

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  1. Hi Joe and Sandy,

    So glad to hear that you have a friend "on the inside." It never hurts to have connections in high places. Had to laugh about the hosp. needing to find a bigger wheel chair for you--you do more resemble a football player than some of those anorexic-looking cyclists.:)

    Our rain and snow seem to have at least abated, leaving us with very tall, very green grass. Jim dragged out the mower this afternoon and gave the lawn its inaugural cut of the season. The height of the grass made it quite a chore. When he came in I asked if he was going out on his bike. He said he'd planned to before mowing but he was too pooped, so he poured a glass of sangria and fixed a little plate of garlic-sesame flatbread and Wensleydale cheese with dried cranberries. I'm pretty sure that's not on his lean-and-mean food plan. But, my goodness, I do love that cheese so I can't blame him.

    We live near a golf course, home to a lot of foxes, and they come into our yard really often. They are so pretty and I never get tired of seeing them. A couple summers ago we had one that would play ball with us. No kidding--we'd throw the ball by bouncing it across the lawn and he'd chase it, pick it up in his mouth, bring it part way to us but then would drop it and move away while we picked it up and threw it again. We'd do this over and over and we'd get tired before he did. He always looked so disappointed when we went into the house.

    I apologize for these long messages but you've seen those T-shirts: Help! I'm Talking and I Can't Shut Up? I was the inspiration for those shirts.

    Glenna (Jim, too)