Thursday, April 16, 2009

We have moved uptown

Joe is holding steady so am still looking forward to the minor surgery tomorrow morning. He had a visit from his coach Harvey today but Joe can only last 10-15 minutes before he is toast.  Harvey drove all the way from Sacramento for a 15 minute visit which shows the bond between them. 
I arrived to visit this afternoon only to find Joe had moved to the new wing of ICU. It is call "Santana Row" and is beautiful. Much larger rooms, cleaner and just beautiful, that is if you can call ICU beautiful. I am seeing this as a good omen. Keep your prayers and positive energy flowing. Love, Sandy & Joe


  1. Hello from Chico. We are so glad that we can get such detailed updates here on how Joe is doing. Clearly, all of the love and support being sent your way is very important to Joe's progress (and, Sandy, you need it, too--take care). We know all about "hospital time," but the the 'baby steps' forward certainly make it all worthwhile--and it sounds like he is being taken very good care of!
    We send deep, healing breaths + strength + patience to both of you, Joe and Sandy!!
    Love & Hugs,
    Michelle, Rob, Kendra, and Bradley

  2. Santana Row, eh? Very uptown indeed (or perhaps musically enabled?) Glad you are in a larger and nicer area, Joe. Sending love every day from Oakland, Cynthia Mealy

  3. Sandy: Love hearing that positive news. We are now praying for patience because those of us who know and love Joe know that he is an action "Let us get this done" kind of guy. With the full recovery of his body all will be pleased with steady but sometimes slow steps forward. Thanks for the continued updates. We look forward to each on a daily basis.
    God Bless...Ed and Trudy Rush

  4. Joe,
    Great news about your steady progress and your "posh" new surroundings. We are holding you and Sandy close to our hearts and minds back here in Pennsylvania. Stay steady.
    Love, Linda and Phil

  5. Joe, Sandy,
    Love from Philadelphia.
    Nan and I are delighted to hear about your move, Joe, and about the progress you're making. Hang in there, both of you. Enjoy your new digs -- but hopefully not for too long.
    Nan and Scott

  6. Joe, Pat and I have been reading Sandy's updates and are pleased to hear of your steady improvement..The fact that you are in good shape will certainly speed up your recovery...We think of you often and know you will be back on your feet soon..Stay Strong....THE BEST.....Pat& BOB Donato