Friday, April 17, 2009


Well folks, we had a great day. I know there are trials ahead but I will settle for this day right now. The tubes are out of the mouth. The trach went very well and they could even clean out his lungs. He does have some pneumonia but that is improving as well. He is breathing more with his lungs and less with the machine. He also got a feeding tube so we don't have to worry about swallowing right now. He did so well, that they are going ahead with the pacemaker--permanent wires but the batteries outside for now. This is being done right now.  It can be removed later or installed perm. if necessary. All of these small changes will allow them to sit Joe up and help him get his strength back without taxing his heart/lungs. He is beginning to look like the Joe I love in spite of the various tubes, etc . They even shaved him, so now the nurses know how handsome he is.  I will ask him about visitors. He still gets very tired and cannot talk but he may feel more up to company late Saturday or Sunday. I will try and send out a post early tomorrow morning. Again, I can never thank everyone enough for your caring and prayers. Sandy & Joe


  1. Sandy: Thanks so much for the GREAT news. You are Joe are counting the little victories as they will sure to add up to a BIG victory. Have a Blessed weekend.
    Ed Rush

  2. it's one day at a time and i'm glad today was a good one!

    soni poulsen

  3. Awesome! Savor this one.
    Phil & Linda

  4. The love you two share is so obvious in this post!
    And big kudos to Harv for his trip to see Joe. He's a great guy and alot like Joe. Very generous and giving.

  5. Sandy and Joe - we just learned from Holly about Joe's accident. Christine, Sally, and Toni from the Extreme Readers send lots of love. We are rooting for Joe!! Sounds like he has come a long way already. Keep up the good progress! Hang in there! Lots of love and good wishes to you both.

  6. We look forward to waving hello to Joe when he rides by our home on Asilomar with a big smile after his bike ride. Our best wishes from your neighbors, Marsha and David