Saturday, April 11, 2009

Saturday - A Challenge

Breathing is still a challenge and will be for the next few days. You just need to hold him in your heart,  as one of his friends put it. Thank you.


  1. I'm holding! Hang in there Joe, I know there are a whole bunch of us looking forward to your getting back on a bike!

  2. Joe-I put up the F Felt logo on the little boxes of pictures of your followers instead of a picture of me as a reminder of the time we went to Jim's to get fitted for our track bikes.That was a very great day.

    I know how hard you must be working and how painful it must be getting your breathing where it should be.I'm sending you one of my deepest belly breaths and hope you can feel it the next time they have you do your therapy.We should get Larry to send you some of his he uses in his pursuit.

    We're pulling for you so you can catch your breath!!!


  3. Joe

    Virtual hugs from me and Sandy's Wednesday cyling group buddies. We are sending you our encouragement, strength, and love.


  4. Dear Sandy and Joe,
    We are holding you both in our hearts.
    Love Mary-Beth and Dale

    p.s. your sheets out of the dryer and folded.

  5. Margie: Thank you for all your support around the Century and alerting everyone. I miss you all. Sandy