Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday, Joe's First Workout

Well the PT girls showed up today and Joe got his first workout which was comprised of sitting on the edge of the bed and not passing out and he passed the test. They were also able to get some muscle activity in his quads and he could wiggle his toes. His left arm works better than the right. All of this is a good indicator for future recovery. He will finally have his orbital surgery tomorrow to repair a small fracture. 
One of the senior nurses told me how much they enjoy working with Joe. He never complains and is very positive and cooperative. They "have bonded with him" she said.  That gave me the courage to drive home and sleep in my own bed.  I have been in San Jose for two weeks and it is great to be home. I will drive down each morning. Once again, Joe's spirit and determination have shown through.  We will get through this and all your support and encouragement is so welcomed. Love Sandy & Joe


  1. ...and not passing out...

    Soon will come the full, deep, and oh so satisfactory breathing. The complete filling of the lungs. [I hope there are no broken ribs!]

    I wonder how long before Joe is discussing the thread count of the hospital bed sheets? And where the cotton within came from?

    Crashing at Hellyer is so banal. I mean, who hasn't? At he risk of being voyeuristic, what the hell happened?

    B Wally

  2. Joe & Sandy,
    Good news indeed, Especially glad you are are able to go back home Sandy. I can't imagine the stress! I'm sure hugging Shasta will do you both good. And, there will be a day really soon when you will see the joy Joe feels when he is able to pet her as well.

  3. Joe and Sandy,
    Terrific news. Joe, keep wiggling those toes. Sandy, enjoy a good night's rest.
    Phil & Linda

  4. Very good to hear. Thanks & keep it up Joe!

    Patrick & Hanan

  5. Hooray for sitting up! Hooray for wiggling toes! Hooray for those quad muscles!

    Here's to a successful surgery for the eye socket.

    Scott and I were biking in Maryland this weekend. FLAT terrain but really pretty scenery - sun glinting off water glimpsed through trees, boats on a river bobbing in a wake, daffodils everywhere. We now compare the scenery of "here" with the scenery of "there".

    We have our thoughts on you today as always, Joe and Sandy. Love, Nan

  6. Hi Joe & Sandy,
    Yaaaaay! I'm so glad to hear about that wiggling with no passing out!
    Love, Cynthia Mealy